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SEO defines success only if your target audience can find your website in the major search engines. Our winning search engine optimization and website marketing services will provide you with the best organic SEO formula to ensure your website’s online presence achieves its full potential.

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Increase Traffic

We tailor your company’s SEO strategy to increase organic traffic to your website.

Develop New Leads

Redhawk Marketing optimizes your website content and digital presence to develop more leads.

Drive Your Sales

With more leads, we increase your chances of converting potential clients into loyal customers.

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We Understand SEO

Many SEO marketing companies claim to understand how they can help your business rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
through their organic SEO strategies. SEO techniques and protocols are constantly changing, furthermore what works today might become obsolete tomorrow. Many agencies risk falling behind the curve.

At Redhawk Marketing , we stay atop the latest SEO strategies and industry trends that can provide you with effective results. Our goal is to increase your company’s organic traffic and improve your website’s ranking on SERPs in the long run. The result is improved online visibility, more organic traffic, and greater leads and conversions.

Search engine giants like Google prefer to rank websites that make the user experience better. Instead of focusing on formula-based strategies, we focus on delivering high-quality content that provides a great user experience.

Whether you require localized SEO for your business or a broader approach, our in-depth industry knowledge, experience, and understanding can ensure that you get the results you want to achieve.

Why SEO? Is it essential?

Everyone is looking for solutions to their problems on the internet. Let’s suppose a person is searching online for a service that your company provides. Your service might be the best in the industry, but how will a potential client know about your business unless they find you on the internet? SEO is the name of the game.

Search Engine Optimization helps your business rank organically on the internet, boosting its ranking on SERPs. At Redhawk Marketing , we understand how to help your company’s website rank higher on SERPs through the latest trends in SEO techniques and strategies. Partnering with us can ensure that you get a digital partner that gives you a cost-effective solution for your company’s organic SEO.

Having the right strategy that adapts to changing trends can help your business stand out from the rest of the competition. Here are the differences that SEO can make for your business.

  • Drive more traffic to website.
  • Generate greater leads.
  • Build your brand recognition
  • Drive your sales.
  • Increase your business growth.
  • Bring more credibility to your company.
  • Help your business stay ahead of the competition.
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SEO - Case Studies

Case Study - Digital Marketing Services for Masonry Construction Contractors - Website Design, SEO, Social Media

Shannon Masonry Construction

Shannon Masonry Construction is a Santa Rosa CA-based Commercial and Residential Masonry Contractor with over 20 years of professional experience specializing in high-end winery masonry work in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties.

Case Study - Digital Marketing Services for Gate & Fence Construction Contractors - Website Design, SEO, Social Media

Difranco Gate & Fence

DiFranco Gate & Fence Company is a residential and commercial gate, fence, & deck contractor in Sonoma County, California. With over 28 years of professional experience serving the San Francisco North Bay, they have earned a reputation for quality artistry.

Case Study - Digital Marketing Services for Painting Company Contractor - Website Design, SEO, Social Media

MDS Quality Painting

M.D's Quality Painting is a BBB A+ rated contractor providing comprehensive Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. M.D's provides interior and exterior painting with attention to detail.


How long does SEO take before you see any results?

A. SEO increases your website’s traffic by helping your business become more visible on the internet through organic means. The right SEO strategy can gradually build up your company’s online presence through content that can make your business more visible to your potential clients.

Our focus is to tailor a localized SEO strategy that can provide you with quicker results. However, you should know that SEO never has an immediate impact on your website’s ranking. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for your website to rank on SERPs. Therefore, SEO requires constant tweaks and modifications based on results to achieve optimal results.

What are SEO best practices?

A. You may have heard the phrase “Content is King” when people talk about SEO. However, SEO is more than just the content. It requires a focused effort to make your website more search-engine-friendly, including optimized meta content (title tags, meta description), heading tags, and images.

Other SEO best practices can include a mobile-first web design, optimized content, developing a faster website, intuitive design, and so much more.

Does having higher website traffic impact my page's rankings?

A. A lot of factors affect a website’s SERP ranking. All search engines like Google and Bing use algorithmic formulas to determine your website content’s relevance to users. Based on the relevance of the website’s content, search engines direct the user traffic to a website. The website traffic undoubtedly relates to higher page rankings. We use several tried and tested SEO techniques to influence your website’s traffic and page rankings at Redhawk Marketing.

Why are keywords important?

A. Keywords are crucial for directing internet traffic to your company’s website. The right keywords can position your business to show up higher in SERPs by matching the relevance of your website content with the user search intent. Keyword research is crucial to find the most relevant keywords that your business can use to target internet users most likely to convert.

Why should I focus on SEO when I can get immediate results through PPC?

A. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a crucial aspect of your company’s overall digital marketing efforts and online presence. Yes, it does provide you with immediate results. Still, its effectiveness requires payment for all the traffic it directs to your website.

SEO increases your company’s organic traffic. It means that SEO makes it easier for potential customers to find your website without the need for ads. Combining PPC with the right SEO strategy can create a substantial impact on your overall marketing efforts.

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